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We provide locations and location scouting for film, television, photoshoots, concerts, podcasting, corporate events, weddings, and so much more. 

We make your vision come to life. 

Savage Studios boasts an expansive portfolio of over 10,000 premier locations nationwide, catering to film, television, photography, events, content creation and project development needs.                                                                                                                                                                         We specialize in providing expert location scouting services to find the perfect place for your project or event. Unlike traditional listing sites, our strong relationships with location owners allow us to secure unique locations at cheapest most affordable rates.


Whether you're searching for a picturesque event venue, an inspiring film shoot location, or a stunning photoshoot spot, we can find the ideal setting tailored to your needs. Let us handle the scouting so you can focus on creating unforgettable experiences.

Location Services:

Film, TV, and Media Production

Discover exceptional filming locations for your next movie, TV show, or documentary. Our scouts know where to find the best spots.

Photography and Videography

Let us locate the ideal photography studio or outdoor photoshoot location for your creative projects.

Content Creation

Choose from a variety of influencer shoot locations and content creation spaces that cater to social media needs, all at negotiated rates.


Find the perfect wedding venue, corporate event location, or party venue at a competitive price.


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